28 and Still Kicking…

Sam Altman published this amazing post last week, and it inspired me to share my thoughts as I turn 28. Here it goes in no particular order:

  1. God is greater than our circumstance. You’re not alone. Nothing is too difficult to overcome. There is always a way out.

  2. Success and failure are not binary. Often, our greatest failures lay the groundwork for our greatest successes. And if we’re not careful, our greatest successes can lead to our greatest failures.

  3. Family over everything. Work hard to share amazing experiences with those whom you love. They make every sacrifice worth it.

  4. When in doubt, smile. It has the power to defuse and uplift any situation.

  5. Do one gutsy - something that scares you - thing every day. Become comfortable being uncomfortable. You’ll expand your comfort zone.

  6. Dream big, and then force yourself to dream bigger. Your outcome is dictated by how grand your vision is.

  7. Embrace greatness. The lights are on you, so what are you gonna do? Don’t shy away from it.

  8. But remember greatness takes sacrifice. To become great at something, you have to make a choice. There are inherent sacrifices in making that choice.

  9. There is no substitute for hard work. Outhustle everyone. What is worse - the pain of hard work or the pain of regret? Always leave it all on the field.

  10. Surround yourself with people that love you for you. Can’t say it any better than AI: “There’s gonna be a million people that love Allen Iverson. There’s gonna be a billion people that hate Allen Iverson. Concentrate on the ones that care about you and keep steppin’.”

  11. One is all it takes - be the change.

  12. Start your day by accomplishing something. Wake up early to read, write, meditate, work out, etc. It sets the tone for a great day.

  13. Be intentional about your day. Don’t waste time. Be organized. Time is the most precious thing you have.

  14. Remember to breathe. Life moves at breakneck pace. It’s easy to become suffocated by it. Breathe.

  15. Focus.

  16. Act with conviction. The worst decision is no decision. You will make the right decision 70% of the time. Trust that you’ll figure out the other 30%.

  17. Take care of your body. Eat well. Work out. Sleep. Repeat.

  18. Have fun. Drink, laugh, dance, travel, go out with friends. This keeps you sane.

  19. Relish the journey. The prize is never fulfilling in of itself. The journey is what makes it worth it.

  20. Be generous. Open yourself to give and you’ll be surprised by how much you receive in return.

  21. Meet your MJ. Everyone has their “Michael Jordan” that they aspire to be. Reach out to them to learn and grow. You’ll be surprised by how willing people are to pay it forward.

  22. Don’t settle. Too many people settle in life. Set a high standard. Never fucking settle.

  23. Give people the benefit of the doubt. This sounds naive, but it’ll also give you peace of mind.

  24. Become an expert in your craft. Never stop learning. Learning makes you wise and keeps you young. At the same damn time.

  25. Maintain a childlike curiosity. Everyone knows that 5 year-old who won’t stop asking questions. Be like her. Ask questions and pursue the answers. Relentlessly.

  26. Don’t rely on past experience to dictate future outcome. Approach new challenges from a fresh perspective. This is the recipe for innovation. How can you do things differently? You just might figure out a new way to solve the problem.

  27. Do things that make you happy. So simple, yet we constantly break this golden rule.

  28. Listen intently. Listening is the most underrated quality. Stop multitasking - you’re terrible at it. Give people your full attention.

  29. Bring great energy and a positive attitude. No matter what, you can control these two facets. You’ll be surprised by how infectious these are.

  30. Invest in relationships. Texting blows. Pick up the phone and call. Express your love. Sacrifice. Go the extra mile.


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