Be the First

Do you ever find yourself waiting on the other person? Whether it’s a simple greeting or a fight that has yet to be resolved, I believe it’s human nature to wait for the other to be the bigger person and act first.

In those situations, it becomes like a chess game where you’re waiting — almost anticipating— the other person’s move. However, you wait and wait until it’s too late without recognizing how an opportunity has just passed by.

After listening to a recent Tim Ferriss podcast episode, I’m inspired to “be the first.”

Be the first to:

  1. Smile and say hello.
  2. Apologize and take responsibility.
  3. Say thanks and express gratitude.
  4. Lend a helping hand.
  5. Open up and share my failures.
  6. Listen instead of speak.
  7. Break silence and talk things out.
  8. Stand up for someone or something I believe in.
  9. Empathize and demonstrate compassion.
  10. Love.

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