Letter to My Future Self

Inspired by Chris Sacca, I wrote a letter to myself on 1.1.15. The purpose of this letter was to write from the perspective of my “1.1.16 self” and recap what happened in 2015. Here it is below:

Dear Terry,

2015 was not only a great year, but it was THE year I recommitted myself to Christ and living in a way that gives glory to Him. I began having consistent, intimate quiet times where I reflected on His word, gave thanks, and reminded myself that He is in the driver’s seat. 2015 was the first year where I proactively reached out to God instead of being motivated by a personal tragedy or challenge that became too difficult to overcome by myself. 2015 was the year I fully realized that Greatness is not by my own doing, but rather it is achieved by aligning myself to be used by a great God.

2015 was the year I overcame my insecurity of being judged, disliked, or ridiculed. Of course, it’s something that I’ll need to continue to battle, but this year was the first time I didn’t care about how people judged me and remained authentic to who I am. I was reminded this past year that the only person I can be and should be is ME. I used to think this was possible by strengthening my own courage, but now I realize that remaining in Christ gives me the confidence that I can never have by myself. He gives me my self-worth, and I now fully understand that He made me and loves me exactly the way that I am. No one can take that away. That is why I will all the more boast in my weaknesses, shortcomings, flaws, and failures because I am made perfect in Christ.

2015 was the year I 100% dedicated myself to adding value at a consumer brand that I’m proud of. In the past, I was always looking ahead to the next opportunity, but this was the first time I felt at home - both in my professional and personal life. 2015 tested my resolve, patience, optimism, professionalism, but I remained steadfast and even-keel even through the highest of highs and lowest of lows. That was only possible because of Christ and the support network that I have. 2015 brought many successes for the company, but reminded me how much further we have to go. Through it all, it validated that I love the journey, love the process. This is what I was made to do: empower others, build a great team, contribute to making the world a better place, and give glory to God.

2015 was the year I met my girlfriend. She challenges me in ways that I never thought possible. She’s helped change my perception of love because I’ve never had an intimate partner whom I called my confidant, best friend, lover, and partner all in one. She makes me better and stretches me outside of my comfort zone - and my hope is that I do the same for her. I took a chance, persisted, and persisted some more, and I’m sure as hell glad that I put myself out there because I would never have met someone like her if I hadn’t. All these years waiting for the right person paid off. My Lord answers prayers…in His time, and I’m thankful that it is so.

2015 is in the books, but 2016 is another day, another year, another opportunity to become better in every facet of life so that I may make God proud and bless Him in everything that I do.

I wanted to share the above for two reasons:

  1. This was an amazing exercise that I encourage you to do. I got an intimate, raw perspective on my mindset from last year and saw how I’ve changed and matured over the past year.

  2. I need to share this to come full circle. Over the past year, I tried to do one (at least) gutsy thing (something that scares me) every day and write it down. To end the year, I need to share this post because my “1.1.15 self” never would have out of fear of being judged. I consider this my last gutsy act of 2015 (and first of many more in 2016).

In reviewing the letter, some things came true. Others, not so much. And there were also things that exceeded my wildest dreams. This was a year of incredible growth, and I’m truly grateful for all that happened.

On a personal note, I envisioned 2015 as a year to set a strong foundation - strengthening my faith, overcoming insecurity, and believing in myself - for everything to come.

Now that I have this solid foundation, I envision 2016 as the takeover. To build upon this foundation with dreams that go beyond my wildest imagination and pursue those ambitions without restraint. Are you?


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